Monday, August 2, 2010

Featured Runner: {Amy}

I got the idea to feature runners from another blogger who also features runners, so I figured I'd do something similar in hopes that Amy could inspire others to get out there as well.

This is what she said:
1. What inspired you to start running in the first place?

I was never very good at running. In fact I hated it to begin with! I couldn't even run a mile at first. I started out just doing it for exercise and the most I got up to was 3 miles ONCE. I was proud. Then I was talking to my sister-in-law Lindsay and she told me she signed up for a 1/2 marathon. She was a mom of 3 kids at the time and she inspired me. I knew it would be a hard but I loved a good challenge!

2. What is your most memorable running moment?

My most memorable running moment was finishing my first half marathon. It was in Balboa Park in San Diego. The last quarter mile was incredible. My legs were in so much pain but I didn’t even care because I was running down this long street lined with American flags… my husband (fiance at the time) was video taping me and running along side of me cheering me on. It was an emotional moment/greatest feeling of accomplishment.

3. What piece of running gear will you never run without?

OK OK I actually have two! #1- My GPS watch. It sort of sets me free to run anywhere my little heart desires and motivates me as I can see my pace. #2- My Road ID-Anklet. Their slogan- “It speaks for you when you can’t”. It was probably one of the best $20 investments I’ve made.

4. Any upcoming races?

In 2 weeks we have the San Diego Half Marathon and I couldn’t be more excited!! California is my very favorite place to run. Ever.

5. What is your *dream* race or distance?

Right now I’m dreaming of running a Ragnar Relay Race. It would be a blast to be on a team with my girls and cheer each other on… but some day I want to be able to run at least one full marathon, I think!

6. Have you ever run for charity? If so, what charity?

My very first ANYTHING was the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 5K. At that time 3.1 miles was so intimidating! The race was amazing though. It was through Fremont St. in Las Vegas.

7. What words of encouragement do you have for someone who is thinking about taking up running?

Sign up for a race!! Whether it is a 5K, 10K, or even a half marathon... Once you do it’ll be the biggest motivator! Stick with it too! It DOES get easier.

8. What advice would you give to a first-time marathoner?

It’ll be the most rewarding thing you’ll accomplish. Pace yourself. You’ll have good running days and bad running days, so don’t get discouraged! Your diet/eating plays a HUGE role in your performance. Be mindful of that.

9. What's one thing you DON'T like about running?

I don’t like when I feel like I’m racing the clock. My schedule is crazy busy and I have to schedule my runs in on certain days and times. I plan my whole schedule around it and if my schedule gets off and I start off late… my mind goes into focusing on what time I need to be done by instead of trying to enjoy the actual running.

10. What is your favorite form of cross-training, if any?

I love love love cycling. I just got a new road bike last year and I can’t believe what a difference it is compared to running. It’s a different love and it definitely works different muscles.
{photo taken of Amy & Candice at 4:30 am this weekend right before our saturday run.}

11. Tell me something exciting.

I just got a new kitty last week and his name is Rex. He is 3 ½ weeks old, currently on kitten formula, and only 1 lb. He has great tiger stripes and is a bundle of cuteness! Being a newlywed my hubby and I aren’t ready for any kids yet… so we’re taking it one step at a time. We love the little guy!

12. Tell me about your first race.

It was in San Diego. It started off at Point Loma where all the Veterans Memorial Graves are- overlooking the ocean, ran along the pier where the ships take off and then ended up in Balboa Park. The energy of everyone around you running is incredible! There were people along the entire race cheering you on. One of the best experiences of my life. Truly addicting!

13. How do you get yourself out the door on the days that you hate running?

My motivation is I think about my race... I tell myself that if I don’t train, I won’t be ready. I try to run different trails to change it up. A change of scenery can do wonders for your drive!

14. What running shoes are you currently using?

I’m running with the Asics Women's Gt 1140. They have great support and are light weight. For my 3rd half marathon I finally did things right… I went to an actual running store and they fit my foot in a shoe for my running style. I can’t believe it took me this long! It has made a HUGE difference in training.

15. Have you had any running injuries that sidelined you for a period of time? If so, what did you do to recover?

I did a 5K race for an event for work. I had a great run that day and RIGHT as I stepped over the finish line I face planted into the dirt, sliced up my leg on the rocks and rolled my ankle. The worst thing about experience was EVERYONE was watching. Talk about mortifying. I should have taken a good solid 2 weeks off but I just couldn’t bare the thought. Since I didn’t give it enough time… the pain lingered for about a month.

16. What are five of your favorite songs from your running play list?

This one is hard to narrow down! I have so many… but here are the ones that FOR SURE get me pumped up when I hear them. I find myself running to the beat of the songs a lot, so I tend to pick songs with a good beat.

1- I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)- Pitbull
2- Untouched- The Veronicas
3- Piece of Me- Britney Spears
4- Girlfriend- Avril Lavigne
5- Gives You Hell- All American Rejects

17. If there was one running accomplishment that you wish you could achieve with no possibility of failing, what would it be?

To finish a half marathon in under 2 hours!


  1. Loved reading this!! As a runner, I love reading about other runners so you are right ... great post!! And RUN ON!! xo

  2. Amy, what a little inspirational lady you are! And oh so sweet! I have loved learning and taking your advice on running. you have taught me a lot and encouraged me so much along the way!

    *It's what's on the inside that makes you so beautiful on the outside my friend!

    lots of love! Thanks for sharing all of your tips and stories!

    I'm SO excited for San Diego as well!

  3. Wow! Impressive!
    We like that you love what you're doing,
    running/jogging is another activity we do together as best friend :)

    Cheers, B & Liv
    B L I V B O O K : darling&diva ♥

  4. Just thought you should know Amy, you completely inspired me to run Monday! I ran the fastest I have run in a long time. After this wedding business, I can't wait to have more time to devote to it =]

  5. Drea, I can't wait til september when it's cooler and we get all of the ladies out to run together. I can't wait to run together! I too was inspired by amy this week while I was running!

    *and i can't wait to see you in your dress!!!!

  6. This blog is way cool! I just started running this year so that I could join some friends in a 10K. I like it more than I thought I would. So glad I found you guys!

  7. I'm working on getting back into running. I ran last year but stoppe when I hurt my leg. After about a month I was finally able to run again, but didn't have the motivation to get back into it. You guys are very inspiring! Can't wait to read more as I start getting back into it.

  8. You've inspired me to nstart running. Thanks for sharing the photos and drop by me too when you have time.


  9. Hellow inspiration! I am so glad I came across this blog. I started attending to the gym before work at 6:00am to train because I want to run a marathon this year. Thanks for the advice!

  10. this was such a cool interview! i totally love running too so it was fun to see her answers =)

  11. Loved this. I just started running everrrrr. Such a perfect time for much needed motivation!!!!!!!!!!!! I did my first "long" run practice on Saturday. It was only four miles and I DIED. haha Granted, it was after two weeks of just doing about 4miles in a week. haha Anywho.. so glad I found your blog! Keep up the great work! xoxoxo